Redeemed Christian Church Of God


 The Lord's Vine Parish


Here at The Lord’s Vine, our priority is to equip and nurture people for effective personal relationship with God. We encourage and help people to discover their God given gifts and talents for effective ministry. In order to achieve this, we offer opportunities for people to serve others both in the Church and the community.

Please check out the ministries below and submit a ministry application and the  leader will contact you for more information of how to fit in to a ministry of your choice




Intercessory  Prayer Group

They are prayer warriors and constantly intercede for the Church, the community and the nations on behalf of the pastorate. They are the spiritual engine of the Church.


The Vine Voices

They lead the congregation in worship to herald the move of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. There are conditions to be satisfied to be a member



The department is responsible for ushering members of the congregation to comfortable places to sit. They stand at different places around the aisles during services and always alert to attend to the need of the congregation.


Evangelism/Follow up

The department leads Church in fulfilling God’s mandate of reaching the world with the gospel of Christ. The Team helps new members to be established within the Church.



The department has the responsibility for teaching the word of God. Adult Sunday school and Wednesday Bible Study are directly led by the department.



The Children department oversees the welfare and the spiritual development of the children at The Lord’s Vine. They provide spiritual guidance and teaching to children so that they can grow to become what God wants them to become.



The department initiates and organizes programmes aimed to helping the every young person in the Church to grow spiritually so that they can fulfill their destinies in Jesus Christ.



They have responsibility for the finance of the Church. They count and record the takings at the end of all services. In conjunction with the pastorate they ensure accurate audits of the church finances.


Welfare & Hospitality

They are dedicated to assisting the needy. They provide food and refreshments after services on Sundays.


Sanctuary Keepers

They see to the general cleaning of the Church premises, ensuring the health and safety of members as well as visitors.



Presents preaching of the gospel through plays



Oversees all building and maintenance works. They ensure that these works are carried out in accordance with agreed standards.



They have responsibility for the quality of the public address system, electrical appliances and recordings during Church services.


Sanctuary Beautifiers

They have the responsibility of ensuring that the Church is well decorated beautified for major ceremonies such as conferences, weddings etc.



The department manages the church bus, They help members to minimize their transport inconveniences by picking them from designated locations to Church and dropping off after services.



The department has responsibility with Church Website and internet services. They work with the pastorate and all departments to ensure that all relevant information of the Church is graphically presented to the public.